MLBB ALLSTAR 2024: Cool Skins and Free Stuff

MLBB ALLSTAR 2024: Cool Skins and Free Stuff

Get ready for MLBB ALLSTAR 2024, the coolest party of the year! This is your guide to getting free skins, rocking the Sparkle skins, meeting the new hero, and joining the fun with great events.

MLBB ALLSTAR 2024: What is all the fuss about with MLBB ALLSTAR 2024?

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, MLBB ALLSTAR 2024 is the best party ever! It’s like the 515 parties, but the mood is very different. You’re in for a month of new songs, skins, a game mode, a map that you can only play on certain days, and a brand-new hero.

MLBB ALLSTAR 2024: MLBB ALLSTAR 2024: Your Pass to Great Prizes!

The cool stuff you can get at the event is the real star. We had a party with the K-pop group ITZY last year and got special skins like Atomic Pop Miya and Moonlit Ninja Hanabi. Get ready for the Sparkle skin line this year, and do jobs for a chance to get a free Astral Muse Esmeralda skin.

MLBB ALLSTAR 2024: Sparkle Skins: Making the Land of Dawn Sparkle

The Sparkle skins are taking the stage. Estes, Melissa, and Fredrinn make up the band, which is the hottest rock band in the Land of Dawn. Remember these dates for when the films come out:

  • Shine brightly March 16 for Melissa
  • March 21, Sparkle Estes
  • March 28 for Sparkle Fredrinn

And don’t forget to finish chores to get the special Astral Muse Esmeralda skin. Want some free stuff?

Meet Chip, your new hero for help.

Chip, the support/tank hero who knows how to make an appearance, has joined the group. Chip can make openings all over the map that can take both friends and foes on crazy rides. It will cost you 32,000 gold or 599 gems to add this hero to your team.

A sneak peek at some ALLSTAR goodies: the Euphora Map and the Brawling Beats Mode

It’s not over when you get skins and heroes. Take a look at Euphora, the brand-new map with an ALLSTAR theme. It’s all about the party vibes, just like last year’s Harmonia map. Think of walls, towers, and speakers that are all bright colours. They would turn the battlefield into a dance floor.

There’s more, though! From July 6 to July 19, you can dive into the Brawling Beats game. You can get points by collecting musical notes and fight enemies who want to join in. You won’t want to miss this singing battle.

It’s time to have fun in MLB ALL-STAR 2024!

Prepare your gear, write down the times, and get ready to rock in MLBB ALLSTAR 2024. You can have a lot of fun with the new Sparkle skins, the free skins, the new hero Chip, and the ALLSTAR-themed map. Brawling Beats mode is a must-try; you won’t regret it! I hope to see you on the NIAGASLOT battlefield, heroes!