Shaking Up Parisian Sweets: Meet These 4 Pastry Rockstars

Francois Perret: Ritz Paris’s Sweet Sorcerer

Parisian Sweets. Francois Perret at Ritz Paris is all about that sweet ‘n’ sour goodness. He’s reinventing classics with less sugar, opting for honey or fruit reductions instead. His Entremets Madeleine, a light sponge cake sweetened with chestnut honey, or the Crème Caramel with its tangy twist from salted caramel and roasted almonds, are next-level treats.

But hold up, Perret’s not playing it safe. He’s throwing celery sorbet into a wild blackberry tart and crafting Le Chocolat Poivre et Sel, a wild blend of raspberry vinegar granite, fleur de sel, pepper, and Jamaican chocolate.

Michael Bartocetti: Four Seasons’ Flavor Explorer

Michael Bartocetti at Four Seasons Hotel George V is all about taking things slow. He’s playing with acidity and bitterness using yogurt, fermented milks, coffee, and malt to amp up flavors. His latest move? Marinated citrus served with sake ice cream and a zesty vinaigrette, giving us a taste of his experimental side.

And for festive treats like yule logs, Bartocetti’s adding Meyer lemon zest and bittersweet cacao for that perfect harmony with almond biscuit and hazelnut praline.

Jessica Prealpato: Dessert Rebel at Hôtel Plaza Athénée

Jessica Prealpato at Hôtel Plaza Athénée is throwing dessert norms out the window. She’s all about raw flavors—seaweed, dark beer, or barley crumble. Her game? Highlighting nature’s goodness without drowning it in sugar.

Her lemon seaweed dessert or barley malt cream with beer are all about that bold, less sweet taste that lets the natural sugars shine.

Julien Alvarez: Sweet & Savory Pro at Le Bristol

Julien Alvarez from Le Bristol is flipping dessert traditions on their head. He’s proving that sweet treats don’t have to be crazy sugary. Instead, he’s blending lime and passion fruit into his pineapple sorbet for a taste explosion that’s sweet and tangy.

Alvarez’s got white truffle ice cream and dishes like Millefeuille Pomme with apple vinegar that show off his talent for balancing sweetness and savory vibes. And don’t miss out on his Féves de Cacao, a mix of sea salt caramelized cacao nibs and ice cream—a game-changer!

These four pastry bosses in Paris aren’t just making desserts; they’re cooking up mind-blowing experiences with innovative flavors, less sugar, and a perfect blend of tastes.