Surströmming Traditional Swedish Treat: Stinky Adventure

Surströmming Traditional Swedish Treat: Stinky Adventure

Surströmming traditional Swedish treat, is known for having a strong smell. Some people have said it smells like a dead body, a dirty baby, or a trash can that isn’t being watched. The people who live there say the taste is even worse than the smell. Let’s take a trip to try this popular lactofermented fish.

Surströmming Traditional Swedish Treat: What Does ” Surströmming ” Really Mean?

Surströmming Traditional Swedish Treat: Stinky Adventure

It’s not really as “rotten” as the word sounds. The Baltic fish has been pickled and lightly salted before it was put in a can. The name of the fish comes from the Swedish language for “sour herring.” It’s important to know that it’s not really ruined, despite what many people may think.

Surströmming Traditional Swedish Treat: A Strong Launch: The Dangerous Smell

When you open the can of surströmming, the strong smell comes out and can last for days. Some locals say that opening the can underwater will lessen the smell, while others say to take a deep breath and sniff it a few times until you get used to it. When you have to wear gloves when handling fish, the idea of “fishy fingers” is taken to a whole new level. Everyone says to open the can outside if you don’t want a fishy smell in your house for a few days.

shocked by how tasty it was

Some people might not like the taste of surstromming, but I actually really like it. It tastes like fish and has a sharp tang that reminds me of real blue cheese. It’s a learn taste that takes some time to get used to. Some people might not like it, but a lot of Swedes really like it. This tasty meal might also taste good to you.

Find Out About Surströmming: Come Hang Out With Us!

Lager herring can buy in tins at stores or online. But the best way to enjoy it is at a surstrommingsskiva party. Every third Thursday in August, Swedes get together for a stinky feast, snaps, and music to start the surstromming season. If you want to have a good time, go to the Surstrommingsskiva Festival in the middle of August in Alfta, which is in northern Sweden.

The ” Surströmming Challenge” video went over very well on YouTube.

Searching YouTube for “Surstromming Challenge” can lead to videos of people who have never done it before retching and looking clearly sick when they open a can. We don’t think you should drink the whole can. But you might surprise at how much fun it is to surf the web the Swedish way, with friends and pictures.

Surströmming Traditional Swedish Treat: In short, just go with the smell and enjoy the taste.

Surströmming is known for having a strong smell, but if you cook it right, it can be turned into a unique meal with a taste that you wouldn’t expect. Do something brave and join us. It’s possible that you’ll end up eating Sweden’s worst treat!